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Tower of London

One of the most famous fortified buildings in the world. Begun in 1078 by William the Conqueror, the Tower has been a palace, prison, treasury, arsenal and even a zoo! Today the Tower houses the priceless Crown Jewels. Also on view are the Medieval Palace, the infamous Bloody Tower and over 90 inscriptions made by prisoners in the Beauchamp Tower. Free guided tours by the Yeoman Warders. 'Crowns and Diamonds' exhibition, charting the evolution of Royal Crowns in Britain and the important relationship which diamonds have with them is housed in the Martin Tower.

Address:     Tower Hill London   EC3N 4AB

Tel:             (0870) 756 6060

Email:         nicoleshields@hrp.org.uk

Web:           http://www.tower-of-london.org.uk/



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